[2020 Spring/Summer] Completed in 10 seconds! How to wear items you already own in a fashionable summer style ♡

by LiwisiOfficial on Jan 20, 2021

I wonder if anyone has ever felt that layered styles become a little difficult in the hot summer and their outfits are plain. This time, I will introduce to everyone a super easy way to become fashionable from basic items


  • T-shirt

    Summer is the season when short-sleeved T-shirts come in handy! A simple T-shirt can change your impression!

    On a hot summer day, when you don't want to think about your outfit, many people just pick up a short-sleeved T-shirt.However, a simple T-shirt can be worn in many ways.

      This summer's trend is drawstring design.Drawstrings are applied to the hem, cuffs, and center front line, and the tight gathers allow you to enjoy a nuanced styling.

      Crop tops have also become a hit, and the design point of lace knots is also very popular.
      (Published photo: SELECT MOCA)
      So, here are three ways to change the look of your T-shirts.

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      1. Tie the T-shirt
      In just 10 seconds, I roughly tied the T-shirt I have at the hem to add variety to my outfit.This will make your waist look slimmer and the mark will look great!

      (Navel exposed style)
      You can also hide the knot behind the T-shirt.When you want to boldly expose your skin at the beach, you can create a bikini-like look by raising the hem all the way to hide the knot.
      (If you tie it on one side, you don't have to show your belly button ♡)
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      2. Wrapping a scarf on a T-shirt
      A scarf is a great way to elegantly update your outfit.Wrapping it around a plain T-shirt and a printed or patterned scarf makes it a great companion to brighten up your outfit.
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      3. Rolling up T-shirt sleeves
      Loose sizes that don't show off your body lines are popular this season, and the trend is for regular T-shirts to be slightly looser.Simply roll up the long short sleeves with drop shoulders to change the look of your T-shirt outfit.

      It is recommended to roll up the sleeves twice.If you fold it up once, the sleeves will fall off, and if you fold them up three times, they tend to roll around and become loose.



      • Shirt

      Openwork V neck ruffle chiffon blouse in 3 colors


      A shirt is a timeless item that everyone must own at least one.A neat look is appealing, but to make it look even more fashionable by using a shirt, I'll show you how to mix and match it.

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        1.Wear it over your shoulder for a mature look

        Adding this technique to a casual T-shirt and jeans combination will make it look more mature.
        Similar techniques include the commonly known ``producer wrap,'' which involves putting a shirt on your back and tying both sleeves at the chest, and ``tasukikake,'' which involves wearing the shirt diagonally.
        By using it as an accessory rather than as a top, you can enjoy the shirt more freely.
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        2. Collar technique
        Nuki-collar refers to the way of wearing a shirt by pulling the collar part back.By removing the collar, your shirt will instantly look modern.
        To do this, first open the button to about below your chest.Then pull the back of the shirt and pull it downAt this time, just like with the collar of a yukata, use the length of one fist as a guide to avoid it becoming sloppy.Also, by tucking in the front, the collar will be fixed, so try using it.

        Because the collar allows the nape to be seen more than usual, we recommend taking advantage of this by creating an updo hairstyle or wearing a scarf around the neck.
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        Please try expanding the variety of ways you can wear the shirts you have using the tips I introduced above.