[Spring/Summer 2021] Enjoy working from home with fashion that looks great remotely

by LiwisiOfficial on Mar 05, 2021

Now that remote work is increasing due to measures against the new coronavirus, what is needed is not simple clothes that look fashionable on the whole body, but a gorgeous upper body that looks great even with a bust-up, and a comfortable and relaxing way to spend time at home. bottoms. Since you can't go out casually, let's wear cute clothes at home to lift your mood ♪

Introducing items with a "remote look" style that you want right now.



01Gorgeous floral patterns make the face look lively

  • A leading role with an outstanding presence, elegant with a retro pattern
A pattern with an attractive luxury atmosphere
Soft and feminine material with a strong presence
By adding drawstrings to the inside of the sleeves, this piece will be classed up and finished with a presence of the leading role♡
Retro frill color ethnic pattern chiffon blouse
¥5,360 including tax
--------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
  • Get a feminine impression with delicate ethnic patterns!

Open collar blouse with trendy ethnic pattern in bright colors
The sheer chiffon fabric is comfortable and breathable.
Perfect for relaxing style and resort style ♪
V-neck ethnic pattern dolman blouse
¥2,580 including tax
--------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
  • Organic leaves and flowers painted in pale colors create a feminine atmosphere

Fabric using silk
Soft to the touch and comfortable to wear
It comes with an inner camisole, so you can wear it alone to create a stylish look.
Resort flower print silk flare dress
Tax included ¥8,580
--------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
  • The floral pattern throughout stands out and creates a soft impression

Blouse made of smooth and soft chiffon material
Elegant sheerness creates a feminine impression♪
Cute floral patterns are scattered all over the surface, creating a soft atmosphere
Openwork all-over floral pattern chiffon blouse
¥4,598 including tax
--------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

02If you want to make your complexion look brighter, use “white tops” for a reflector effect

  • The large collar and frills create an elegant and chic atmosphere without being too sweet

Knit with a Peter Pan collar with a wide, rounded collar edged with ruffles
Large frilled collar catches the eye
Retro Peter Pan collar half-sleeve knit tops in 2 colors
¥5,298 including tax
--------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
  • Beautiful lace

A blouse with a light air made of lace fabric with a delicate craft feel♪
The healthy sheer feel and classy silhouette are impressive,
The first item that will make you feel feminine!
V-neck open-front lace blouse in 2 colors
¥4,280 including tax
--------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
  • Get a relaxed and neat look with a white skipper shirt

The collar design is decorated, making it a very stylish piece!
Feminine and elegant impression◎
As it is a simple blouse, it can be worn as everyday casual wear as well as in the office! A blouse that can be worn with many different outfits♪
The smooth fabric feels very soft on the skin♪
Ruffle design glossy chiffon blouse in 2 colors
¥3,398 including tax
--------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
  • Add a trendy look to your loungewear with sheer tops

Using willow fabric that sways in the cool air,
Finished with a light, supple silhouette that gives movement.
Smooth to the touch and comfortable to wear even in hot seasons❥
Openwork V-neck lace-up willow crepe ruffle cover
¥5,780 including tax
--------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
  • A versatile item that can be used in a wide range of situations

Flare hem design with a slightly longer back
The latest items to enjoy trendy styles
Band collar double layer design flare long shirt
¥4,290 including tax
------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

03#Accents such as embroidery and lace

  • The bright floral pattern instantly brightens your mood

With a soft and thick texture,
The voluminous point sleeves from below the elbow are lovely.
The floral pattern gives off a retro, adult atmosphere.
An item that will give you a gorgeous impression♪
Gorgeous point sleeves and flower coloring blouse
¥4,880 including tax
--------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
  • Simple design yet transparent, this piece instantly creates a mature atmosphere

Trendy tops using sheer material, which is popular this year.
The square open neck brings out your femininity and creates a classic atmosphere.
It also gives a clean impression around the face.
Openwork square color opal tulle tops
¥3,480 including tax
--------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
  • Feminine and elegant impression

The voluminous balloon sleeves give you a delicate and feminine look.
This top is accented with embroidery, so it makes a statement even when worn alone.
Elegant embroidery puff sleeve knit pullover in 2 colors
¥4,680 including tax
--------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
  • With delicate lace lines, it is both feminine and adorable

Vintage style flower color embroidered lace gives a rich atmosphere
With buckle decoration belt, you can mark your waist❢
Color your special day,
A special piece!
Buckle decoration flat color embroidery lace dress
¥7,980 including tax
  ----------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

04 #Designed collar clothing gives a refreshing impression around the face

  • Looks delicate and has a sense of size


The cool fabric creates a seasonal atmosphere,
A V-neck dress that gives you a neat and mature look.
Of course you can wear it casually with denim, but also
A versatile blouse that can be used as office casual when paired with a tight skirt etc.
Retro multi-pattern striped blouse
¥4,180 including tax
--------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
  • Comfortable rib knit material with frills peeking out from the neck to brighten up the face area

Comfortable rib knit material
The frills peeking out from the neck add glamor to the face.
Ruffle low gauge knit switching design knit tops in 5 colors
¥3,880 including tax
--------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

05With stylish sleeves Aim for the eyes

  • The sleeves are fluffy balloon sleeves and have a feminine design

The cache-coeur design gives the chest a neat and mature look.
The highlight is the voluminous sleeves made of different materials.
The knit fabric on the body is soft and pleasant to the touch, giving an overall compact impression.
Cache-coeur knit tops with switched sleeves, 4 colors available
¥2,680 including tax
--------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
  • A blouse with a dressy ribbon tie that exudes feminine power

With a V-neck and a removable ribbon string, the area around her face looks neat and feminine
A bowtie ribbon blouse that can be worn for a mature look
Finished with a three-dimensional opal flower pattern fabric for added cuteness♡
Bowtie opal floral check blouse
¥2,980 including tax
--------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
  • The voluminous cuffs make it feminine and stylish to wear.

The thick material is feminine and beautiful for adults without being too sweet.Me blouse
High neck with a casual impression,
Wide cufflinks that add elegance and sharpness,
A special piece with great attention to detail.
High neck balloon sleeve blouse in 8 colors
¥2,560 including tax
--------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
  • Knitwear is now a staple item in your wardrobe

The silhouette that follows the ribs and body line makes your upper body look compact!
An item that can cover your upper arms made of rib knit with a power shoulder!
The shoulder design has a firm bottom with shirring.
The stretchy body makes it extremely comfortable to wear.
Volume sleeve knit tops in 3 colors
¥3,080 including tax
--------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
  • Standard items that are timeless and loved for a long time


The ribbed sleeves are longer than usual, so you can simply slip them through the sleeves.
It creates a beautiful pointy silhouette.
An elegant loose feel created by lace and tulle,
It looks much thinner than a normal knit.
Lace point is rapidly increasing in popularity!!!
Sheer lace point sleeve knit tops in 5 colors
¥5,180 including tax
--------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

06# You can use comfortable clothes for home deliveries and convenience stores without changing clothes

  • Two-piece set that can be arranged freely

It can also be worn alone so you can enjoy a variety of outfits♪
Simple and matches any style!
Two-piece set V-neck rib knit tops + knit wide pants
¥9,580 including tax
--------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
  • A loose-fitting adult setup that gives you both a trendy look and a slender look!

A fit-flare silhouette creates a feminine and beautiful style
Beautiful style with clean lines☆
If you wear items that can be worn individually as a set, you will look more fashionable◎
If you can't decide on an outfit, you can wear it as a set!
Lace-up pleated knit dress 2-piece set 2WAY tops + pleated skirt in 3 colors
¥6,090 including tax
------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------
  • The dual-color switching design is eye-catching

The dual-color switching design is eye-catching
A comfortable fit with just the right neck opening
Ⅴneck bicolor switching pocket cardigan
¥3,280 including tax
------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------
  • Cashcoeur knit that can create an intelligent woman

Feminine yet relaxed comfort.
Stretchy ribbed material that has an elegant feel and is comfortable to wear.
The thick ribs have just the right amount of presence and can be worn as a single layer.
The V-neck makes your face look neat♪
Cashcoeur knit pullover 6 colors included
¥2,708 including tax
If you say that loungewear is enough for working from home, your body and mind will become looser. Don't give up and try changing your mindset. On the days when you work from home, you need “flattering tops” and “comfortable dresses”!