A relaxed summer style made with great items. It will help you be fashionable! Must-buy summer accessories - Summer Collection -

by LiwisiOfficial on May 25, 2021

Coordination tends to be simple during the season when people wear light clothes.
Sandals, bags, hats etc...
Just add one to your usual coordination to make a difference!
Check out the summer accessories that will help you look stylish!

l MUST BUY for summerShoes!


Popular every year!


Items that will give you a relaxed look no matter what kind of clothes you pair them with are

Indispensable for summer coordination.

Check it out now,

Try incorporating it into your daily style.



Gurkha sandals in 3 colors
tax included ¥5,580
Gathered pumps, 2 colors
tax included ¥3,480
Studded ribbon pumps in 3 colors
tax included ¥4,380
Clear heel square sandals in 2 colors
White White/Yellow Yellow
tax included ¥4,330
  • Let the hat be the main character! Coordination to choose from hats that will make you feel more summery than usual


French-style straw hat made of different materials, 2 colors available
Black/Ivory Ivory
tax included ¥3,880
Back ribbon paper hat 2 colors included
Black/Denim Denim
tax included ¥2,660
Wear both sides! Reversible UV cut hat 4 colors
Black Beige/Navy Beige Navy Beige
Black Stripe/Navy Stripe Navy Stripe
tax included ¥3,180
Check face cover hat 3 colors included
Check/White White/Black Black
tax included ¥7,710
Fashionable wrinkled decorative line hat, 2 colors included
Black/Ivory Ivory
tax included ¥2,980
Rhythm border pattern paper hat 2 colors included
Brown/Black Black
tax included ¥3,280




The temperature will rise from now on,
Unveiling the latest styling using items that are very popular now!
Survive the intense heat with a relaxed feeling that takes the pressure off your shoulders.