Fall and winter fashion starts from your feet ❢ Which shoes do you want to wear in winter? Click here if you are worried★

by LiwisiOfficial on Nov 08, 2022


When it comes to choosing shoes, many people can finish quickly.However, some people are still worried about shoes when dressing in winter.

Here, we will introduce trendy shoes by type, from half boots to side gore boots, loafers and ballet shoes.

If it suits your style, try finding a pair!



Half boots



Leather-made half boots that tighten your style from your feet

The moderate height of the 7.5 cm heel allows you to improve your style just by wearing it.


Leather Western Half Boots in 6 colors




Simple design half boots
The square toe design is perfect for this year's style.

A silhouette that makes your feet look neat.


Square toe half boots 8 colors available




These are heel boots with an elegant image.
The combination of different materials & V-shaped design shows off the line from the ankle to the shin,

Improved feminine feel

Almond toe half boots with different materials, 4 colors available




Side gore boots



Boots with a perfect balance of track sole and soft heel
A finish that allows you to enjoy the silhouette to its fullest without adding any decorations.

Easy to put on and take off, and the low block heel provides excellent stability.


Round toe side gore boots with different materials, 3 colors available





Soft fit around the ankle, giving a delicate impression and lengthening the legs◎
It has good functionality and is warm because it uses knit socks.
Casual, street etc.

The fit of the knit part makes it perfect for voluminous outerwear.


Block heel rib knit switching side gore short boots, 2 colors available







The design is easy to incorporate into a casual style.

Gives a retro atmosphere, and the ribbon decoration adds a little cuteness


Retro ribbon decoration low heel loafers in 2 colors





Low heel loafers with deep insteps that fit your feet, don't slip off easily, and are easy to walk in
The soft texture provides a light and comfortable feel.

Actually, it is a type that can be worn all year round, not only in autumn and winter, but also in spring and summer seasons.


Soft eco leather low heel loafers in 3 colors




Flat shoes ballet shoes



The feeling of it coming under your feet is comfortable
The fluffy material is perfect for this season

The V-cut design makes the top of your foot look neater, giving you a more beautiful impression


Pointed toe V cut velor ballet shoes in 5 colors





It's the same fluffy material, but
Comes with a rubber ribbon that can be unraveled

Ballet shoes that match the accent and practicality


Suede gathered ballet shoes in 3 colors







Thank you for reading to the end.

Now, what type of shoes do you like?

We introduced various types of shoes, from half boots to ballet shoes.

I would be happy if you could find an item that matches your style❣

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