We reveal how to choose a summer hat! Find the item that suits you from all types of hats ♡

by LiwisiOfficial on Jul 09, 2020

  Hats, which are experts in summer sun protection, are essential items for young women when traveling. Currently, there are many types of hats on the market🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️. When matching different styles of clothing, hats are not the only choice, but hats cannot be worn casually. Choosing the right hat can play a good decorative role in today's outfit. Today, we will introduce the Mitsu hat type to everyone. Let's see how to choose! 🙌

💌1.Bucket hat

Bucket hats are a very popular item this year, and are sometimes called fishermen's hats because they are shaped like the hats worn by fishermen fishing on the beach. This hat is generally made of cotton, linen, and denim. Although the design and style are simple, it has many uses, so young women often use this hat to match skirts and pants. ❣❣

💌2, Lace hat

The lace hat and bucket hat are somewhat similar in shape, both are round with a hat and a wide brim. However, the brim of a lace hat is more delicate than bucket hat . The general style of lace hats is that the edge of the hat looks like pleats, and the tailoring is more complex than that of a bucket hat. Clothes with lace hats are generally cute and sweet. 👸👸


Caprine is often used on many trips, especially when taking photos at the beach. Caprine has various styles, but basically it is the type of bucket hat and lace hat, but the material is rough grass. Since it is usually worn when traveling, there is also a particularly large brim style. 👰👰