How do you wear "One Piece"? Summer 2021 Fashionable model coordination for adult girls ♪

 When you don't go out for a long time, you tend to fall into a one-pattern outfit where you only choose the same clothes ヽ(。>д<)p. Of course, it's nice to have a sense of security when you spend time in a comfortable outfit, but why not enjoy something different from the usual once in a while?

 This time, we would like to introduce the recommended dress for the summer of 2021. Let's check out how fashionable adult girls are dressed by referring to snaps!ヾ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

01# " Floral dress for a natural and cute feminine outfit

Floral pattern with a feminine and gentle impression.
And a chic botanical pattern with a mature atmosphere.
The all-over pattern gives it a presence, and it looks gorgeous on its own.

Band color botanical pattern dress with lining

Cache-coeur floral button dress
Paisley print tank dress with lining
V-neck button sheer flower dress with lining
Cache-coeur floral flare dress
Cache-coeur flower print ribbon dress with lining
Two-piece set botanical flower print cami dress + simple thin cardigan
Pair with a basket bag for a one-mile trip ◎
Circular resort straw bag handbag in 4 colors


¥2,468 2WAY different material basket bag hand basket fur removal 2 colors included


handbag straw bag beach simple plain


You can also enjoy layering with cardigans, long shirts, tailored jackets, and mountain hoodies .
V-neck switching design thin fabric cardigan 5 colors included


Openwork cutwork thin fabric cardigan in 4 colors
Simple thin voluminous haori 4 colors included


02#A loose and fashionable maxi dress

Must buy for spring and summer

Loose Long lengthRelaxing comfort perfect for the spring and summer season

, which combines a casual sense of adulthood and understated cuteness

This summer's must-have item

Don't miss it.

V-neck ribbon-tied maxi dress, half sleeves, simple, basic, wide hem, slimming, five colors included
100% cotton 2-way apron dress in 5 colors


V-neck box sleeve maxi dress 3 colors included



We recommend pairing it with sandals for a refreshing look in the summer.

On a hot day, a one-piece dress that can be paired with sandals is very convenient!

03#A beautifully colored dress made of cut and sewn material is perfect for daily use!

I want to survive the hot summer in comfortable fashion!

The cut and sew dress is recommended for such people.

The silhouette that falls down to the hem does not stick to the body,

It's really stress-free, isn't it?

But somehow I can't wear it stylishly...

It seems that many people have this problem.

Add a trick to the "cut and sew dress"

Here are some tips for updating your easy outfit.

Please refer to it.

Casual T-shirt dress 8 colors included


Back tuck long dress 4 colors included



CanvasCombine with a bag for a one-mile outing◎

Campus tote bag


Long cut-and-sew dress

Even if you layer denim pants and skirts, you can hardly see it, so it doesn't make sense...?

no no,

This is an important point to look fashionable

Even if the visible amount is small,

The impact on coordination is enormous!

Waist frill pleated wide pants 5 colors included


Crunchy gathered tiered skirt in 5 colors


High waist stretch denim pants


Tie a belt around your waist to shape your waist

Double buckle vinyl belt transparent retro stylish 3 colors included


04#Modern dress that makes you feel fashionable

Frill cap sleeve flower dress with lining



Elegant side stripe belted dress


Ink print belted dress



Diamond cutwork cotton lace dress with lining


V neck unique piping design belted dress 2 colors included




Combine a canvas bag for a one-mile outing◎

Twilly scarf tote bag in 6 colors



If you change into a dress that you don't usually choose, you might be able to meet a new you♪

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