Retro impression is attractive! "Classical check coordination" special feature!

✨ Plaid patterns are always on the rise as a representative of "classic". We will explain how to wear the classic "plaid" item this year to make it look like this year, and how this item looks like now♪


cool bicolorcheck , suitable for adults♡

Two-color plaid knit top / navy navy

Combining delicate check patterns and metal buttons,

Subdued colors make you more mature!

Since it has a simple shape, it can be worn in a wide range of ways, from mode to casual depending on the item you match it with.


Denim and slacks for a casual look,

You can also pair it with a leather skirt for a sweet and spicy style!

Faux Leather Long Skirt / Beige Beige



Draped pants with high waist belt Black / Black




Enhance the "adult and cute" appeal!

Back button check crepe puff sleeve blouse

An over-checkered blouse for a well-balanced adult casual look!

The cuteness of the puff sleeves and the casual feel of the monochrome check are perfectly balanced!


Tucked in with a high-waisted skirt for a great look,

It gives a more mature and stylish impression.

Pleated skirt with slit switching Black with lining

High waist feminine mermaid skirt with lining



03 & 04

Is it a combination of "grown-upness" and "cuteness" ?

Of course, it's a plaid dress that will make you look feminine with just one item.

Different material check button dress

Storm Shield Plaid Belt Dress

Incorporating storm shields and belted design

Enhances femininity and creates a beautiful waistline.

More springy blues and beiges

The camel chocolate that goes well with winter outfits is also outstanding!



Even by itself, it has an outstanding presence!

High waist check pattern dress with lining

Black×White Plaid is

Creates a simple yet mature and ladylike atmosphere

Use plenty of gathers to create a three-dimensional silhouette.


- We also recommend wearing it with a plain outerwear to keep out the cold of early spring.

- As an inner layer for a shirt, the trendy layered style is also eye-catching!


Waist string loop single tailored jacket

Open front shirt




The tweed cardigan looks great even with light outerwear!

Fringe glen check knit cardigan

By tightly knitting the colorless glen check pattern

An elegant and classic design♪

Incorporating a cool color scheme check with a cardigan,

With a retro impression, you can create a mature and glamorous look just by putting one on with a simple outfit.


Pair with simple tops and bottoms for a mature and elegant look.

Off-neck wavy knit top in 5 colors


V-neck simple plain bottom stop vest



For a more classic look, why not wear a cape?

Plaid dolman cape coat

A pretty adult lady's jacket with a cool cape-like design☆

The feminine peplum silhouette creates a ladylike mood.


Goes well with high neck knit tops, and of course boots

Pair with a basic dress or skirt for a lady-like look!


Wool blend high neck button cut and sew Gray / Gray

High neck ribbed knit top Beige/Beige


✨ "Classical Check Coordination" special feature Summary of outfits

Thank you for watching until the end♪

The plaid pattern is an item that adds a sense of the season just by adding it to your usual outfit♡ 

You can enjoy a wide range of things from adult casual outfits to neat basic outfits

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