[One-piece outfit] recommended for light clothing in midsummer ❣ What item would you like to have that gives you a refreshing and cool feeling?

by LiwisiOfficial on Aug 06, 2022

This time, Liwisi will introduce a one-piece outfit that will give you a refreshing and cool feeling that you can wear in the summer ❤
Whether it's a mature, neat outfit or a relaxed casual outfit, healthy looks are a must for summer! A sensible woman's way of dressing is to show off her skin while maintaining a sense of elegance.Choose a modern, refreshing dress that makes you feel good, stay comfortable, and express the colors of summer in your own way ヾ(✿゚▽゚)ノ
There are items of various shapes, but the impression changes greatly depending on the silhouette, so you can choose according to your TPO.Let's check it out using this snap as a reference♪


Recommendations for one-piece dresses that are becoming increasingly popular •ᴗ•

A dress with a fluffy hem that gives you a cool look and is perfect for summer.This is a standard item that is perfect for any occasion, but if you want to give it a more seasonal or modern look, you can choose a trendy design for that season.Here we will introduce one-piece dresses that are becoming increasingly popular at the moment☘

The side stripe design is
Two-color switching between black and white gives a brighter image✨

The silhouette of the clothes brings together a woman's elegance and sophisticated impression♪

Elegant side stripe belted dress



The polo collar with frills gives it a flattering look.
The key points of the shirt-like design and two-color switching are
It instantly brightens people's eyes.

A great outfit for both holidays and commuting ♪

Ruffle polo shirt plaid dress, 2 colors included



Ombre blue design creates a special feeling with a more urban design
Put the string through the loop and tie it tightly to create a feminine silhouette.
It will give you an improved look

If you want an item with an elegant and elegant image↓

Key neck ombre pleat dress with lining



The smock design makes the neck line more clearly visible,
You can also see the collarbone,
Slightly expresses feminine sexiness

High waist and belted design makes your legs feel longer❤

Belted smock dress in 4 colors





It doesn't look plain!

Wear a black dress for fashionable occasions★

A fashionable black dress is great for formal occasions, but it tends to be a bit heavy when worn in the summer.Here we will introduce a style that can be worn even in summer, making use of the silhouette of a black dress.Updated with a mature atmosphere from mode to casual.


Feel like a queen with the V-neck and high back
Perfect for the

Tank design allows you to wear it in hot weather

Gathered halter neck belted tuck dress in 2 colors


Perfect outfit for commuting
If you don't like the queen style

How about the princess style ⚗︎·̫⚗

Simple princess line switching tank dress with lining, 2 colors included



The frills and pleats give it a harsh yet gentle feel,
Open shoulder on one side in black for a fashionable feel
Add a sexy atmosphere
With a relaxed fit,

The point is that you can wear it coolly♪

Asymmetrical open shoulder frill switching dress



Open shoulder bicolor pleated decorative belted dress with lining



Bi-color zigzag stitch so it doesn't feel heavy
Show off your shoulder line and upper arm line beautifully,

For a feminine and elegant impression

Zigzag stitch decoration belted shirt dress




Daily style & refreshing and modern style

When it's hot and humid, I want to go outside even if the temperature outside is high❕

At that time, a dress is better for everyday outfits as it gives a refreshing feel rather than a deep color.By showing off your skin and maintaining your elegance, you will feel lighter.Here we will introduce recommended items that go well with light-colored dresses ✨


Create a spring/summer atmosphere

You can feel the brightness when you look at it❣

Floral pattern cachecoeur lace switching flare sleeve dress



Paired with light colors and Chinese style,

I don't think a refreshing dress is bad☘

China style opal flower fit dress with lining



Art pattern has a comfortable atmosphere

The round chain charm is attached to the end of the ribbon and looks pretty (๑ ꒪ꌂ꒪๑)

Key neck ribbon art pattern prairie dress with inner





Thank you for watching till the end♪

We introduced a long one-piece outfit that will add a lot of glamor to the summer outfit for adults.The great thing about this is that you can not only look cool with just one piece, but also enjoy your individuality with the silhouette and color.If you want to achieve a mature look, choose one that is classy and neither too sweet nor too rough.^◡^.