Perfect for meetings, wedding after-parties, camping, and commuting ❣ 13 ways to wear depending on the location ♪

by LiwisiOfficial on Sep 03, 2022

It is necessary to go to various places in daily life, such as after-parties and camping.

Every time you come to a time like this, do you have the same thoughts as ``What kind of outfit should I wear?'' or ``Out of all the outfits out there, which one would look good in this place?''

Therefore, Liwisi chooses items that are compatible with these four locations, feels comfortable, and picks up a style that is unique to her.

Now, let's check this snap as a reference♪


➣ Meeting

If you want to go out with your friends and family on holidays, this might be a good option


Check pattern that does not catch the eye and is not too sweet
Add cuteness to frill decorations
Ruffle polo shirt plaid dress, 2 colors included



Checked and tucked-in skirts go well with blouses
Asymmetrical layered style gives a cool feel
Paired with a skirt for a more feminine and cute look
Asymmetric croissant sleeve button blouse in 2 colors
Volume silhouette check long skirt in 2 colors
Front button tuck-in long skirt in 2 colors




Sometimes a little bright color is not bad
Unique design and pearl buttons add something special to knit tops
Feel the liveliness of the flower print skirt in different sizes
Unique design pearl button knit tops in 3 colors
Flower print tulle flare skirt with lining



➣ Wedding after-party

If you are going to an after-party, congratulate your friends who are already married.When celebrating, in addition to choosing a formal outfit, if you also want to look feminine, how about some snaps from now on?


Elegant key neck makes your décolleté look beautiful
French sleeves show off your shoulder lines and upper arm lines,
Improve your feminine impression♪
Key neck ombre pleat dress with lining, 2 colors available




Mock neck design covers your neck
The knit part, embossed fabric and docking design give you a more elegant feeling
Mock neck embossed docking knit dress




The scarf ribbon is one of the highlights of the simple design
In addition, the pearl-decorated tuck skirt makes this set feel more classy and elegant
Scarf ribbon French sleeve blouse in 2 colors
High waist side pearl decoration tuck long skirt with lining, 2 colors available




When camping, there are many insects and small things that can't be seen.To protect your body, you need to prepare your medicine and wear long outfits such as sleeves and pants.


The long sleeve design covers your hands properly
The jacket gives a neutral feel to some people, which is a little cool
Casual off-shoulder jacket 2 colors included




The training design is also very suitable for camping
Deep colors and maxi pants are perfect for outdoor activities
Two-piece set Training line switching knit tops +
Side panel wide training pants

tax included ¥3,300<単一アイテム>



There are many outfits for going to work, but everyday style and business style are completely different.Here, we will introduce an office style that combines the two


An overalls that combines tops and bottoms is also a good choice
The combination of notch lapel and navy blue gives it a more business feel than everyday life
Short sleeve front button overalls with ribbon




The right length of the sleeves and tailored design give a sense of sophistication
One of the points is that it is a little thinner than a normal jacket
Thin flap decorated tailored jacket in 2 colors




Special front zipper design may be more convenient when wearing
The tuck-in design at the waist beautifully expresses the lines of a woman's body.
Front zipper slit dress, 2 colors included




The color scheme piping design is also a highlight
Just the right amount of flare silhouette enhances the feminine impression
Bicolor piping design switching dress, 2 colors included




Perfect set for when it's a little cooler
Coordinate with cigarette pants,
It feels more like a business style than a casual one
Stylish double button shirt


Commuting tuck-in cigarette pants with belt, 3 colors available



Thank you for watching until the end♪

What kind of coordination to choose for any place depends on the person.The important thing is to choose your own style and enjoy it.If there is an item you like, please choose one (^^♪