We will post the contents of the questions received from our customers and their answers together.。

Please check for the same questions before contacting customer supportい。


【About login registrationて】

Q: Q:I can not log in。

A: You are not registered as a member, or the email address or password you entered is incorrect. If you forget your password, please reset it.ださい。


Q: Q:How to unsubscribe from an e-mail newsletter?

A: We will inform you of the cancellation form in the delivered e-mail newsletter.。


Q: Q:I forgot my member ID passwordた。

A: The e-mail address you registered when you registered as a member will be your ID. If you have forgotten your password, click If you have forgotten your password on the registration screen to reset it.てください。


【About the product】

Q: I don't know the size that suits me。

A: All the product pages show the actual size of the finished product. Please measure your clothes in the right size in a flat position and compare them with each part of the size chart posted. If you have any questions about the size, please contact the customer center from FB or Instagram at the end of the page.絡してください。


Q: Q:「I can't buy out-of-stock items anymoreの?

A: A:It may be possible to add the desired product. It will be displayed as out of stock and it will generally take 15 days for the product to be restocked. Please check the restock page on the official website.てください。

【About your order】

Q: Q:Please tell me how to order。

A: A:Please put the item in the cart and proceed with the purchase procedureい。
Please enter your personal information first。
Set the payment method later and settle the payment, and you're done.。
Please note that we only accept orders over the internet and do not accept orders over the phone.せん。


Q: Q:I haven't received the order confirmation email。

A: First of all, please make sure that your email address is correct.さい。
Emails may be classified as junk emails depending on your environment. Please set so that you can receive emails from liwisi.com.ください。
Please send an order confirmation emailをYou can send it again, but please contact customer support.い。


Q: Q:I want to change or cancel the contents of my orderい。

A: Cancellation after the order is completed is possible except for sale items and pre-order items, but please note that the correspondence method will differ depending on the shipping preparation status of the ordered item at the time of contacting customer support.ください。
In addition, please note that you cannot change the order details or payment method after the order is completed.ださい。

【About payment】

Q: About payment by credit card

A: The credit cards that can be used are VISA MASTER AMEX JCB affiliated cards.ードです。

Q: About payment with PayPal

A: You can pay using your PayPal balance. For details, please refer to Payment Method.い。
※PayPal user registration is required in advance. Also, PayPal must be installed on your smartphone terminal.ます。
※You cannot pay only part of your purchase with your PayPal balance。
※Please check the order status purchase history on the PayPal app.い。

Q: About payment by convenience store payment

A: Convenience store paymentIs only available in Japan。

【About delivery shippingて】

Q: How many days will it take to arrive??

A: Usually, it will be shipped from the overseas warehouse the day after the order date. It will be delivered 815 days after the order date.します。
※Please note that shipping may be delayed due to congestion during the SALE period.い。
※The delivery time of pre-order items is different from regular items. Please contact customer support for details.下さい)。


Q: How much is the shipping fee??

A: It is a flat rate of 625 yen (tax included) per order.。
※<For overseas>
・Southeast Asia ----625 yen (tax included)
(Please note that Brunei has a shipping fee of 980 yen including tax.い。)
・North America --- 1090 yen (tax included)
・Europe ---- 980 yen (tax included)

Q: Is it possible to change the delivery address?

A: It is possible to change the shipping address, please contact customer support at that time.い。


Q: Q:Is it possible to deliver overseas??

A: International shipping is possible。


Q: Q:Can I choose a delivery company??

A: We are not currently selecting a delivery company. We are sorry, but please understand.さい。


Q: Q:The item I received was defective。

A: We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact customer support. We will accept returns after confirming the contents.ります。


【About coupons】

Q: I completed my order without using the coupon。

A: In that case, please contact the customer center and we will refund the coupon discount amount.す。


Q: If I cancel an order using a coupon, can I use the coupon again?か?

A: The case depends on the coupon. Most coupons can be used only once. Please contact customer service for details.さい。


Q: If I return a product that uses a coupon, can I use the coupon again?か?

A: If you return a product that uses a coupon, you can reissue the coupon. In that case, please contact the customer center.さい。


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