[Spring/Summer 2020] Completed in 10 seconds! Fashionable way to wear hand-held items in summer♡

 In the hot summer, it's a bit difficult to style things like layering, and is there anyone who worries that their coordination is plain? This time, I'll show you how to make basic items super easy and stylish

  • T-shirt

    Summer is the season for short-sleeved T-shirts! Change your impression from a simple T-shirt!

     On a hot summer day, many people pick up a short-sleeved T-shirt when it's troublesome to think about what to coordinate. However, even a simple T-shirt can be worn a lot.

      Speaking of this summer's trend, it's the drawstring design. Drawstrings are applied to the hem, cuffs, and front centerline, and you can enjoy a nuanced styling by gathering them together.

      Cropped tops are also a hit, and the tie-dye design point is also very popular.
      (Posted photo: SELECT MOCA)
      So, here are three ways to change the atmosphere of your T-shirt.

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      1. Tie a T-shirt
      In just 10 seconds, I loosely tie the T-shirt I have now at the hem to add variety to my outfit. This will make your waist look thinner and the effect of the mark is outstanding!

      (Navel style)
      You can also hide the knot behind the T-shirt. When you want to boldly expose your skin at the beach, etc., you can create a bikini-like style by lifting the hem all the way and hiding the knots.
      (If you tie one side, you can leave the belly button out ♡)
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      2. Scarf wrapped around T-shirt
      A scarf is a great way to elegantly update your outfit. Wrap it around a plain T-shirt with a printed or patterned scarf to make your outfit look more gorgeous.
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      3. Rolling up T-shirt sleeves
      This season, loose fitting t-shirts that do not show your body lines are popular. Just by rolling up the long sleeves with drop shoulders, you can change the impression of your T-shirt coordination.

      We recommend rolling up the sleeves twice. If you do it once, the folded sleeves will fall off, and if you do it three times, the sleeves will tend to sag and become sluggish.

      • Shirt

      Watermark V neck ruffled chiffon blouse in 3 colors

      The timeless shirt is a classic item that everyone should have at least one. The neatness is attractive, but in order to make it look even more fashionable with a shirt, I will introduce you to how to mix and match.

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        1. Create a mature feeling with a shoulder strap

        The combination of a casual T-shirt and jeans will look more mature just by adding this technique.
        As a similar technique, there is also the so-called "producer roll", in which a shirt is worn on the back and both sleeves are tied at the chest level, and "tasukikake", in which the shirt is worn diagonally.
        You can enjoy the shirt more freely by using it as an accessory rather than as a top.
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        2. Collar technique
        A pull-out collar refers to a style in which the collar of a shirt is pulled back. By removing the collar, the shirt instantly transforms into a modern look.
        As a method, first open the button up to the bottom of the chest. Then pull the back of the shirt and pull it back down. At this time, as with the collar of a yukata, if you use the length of your fist as a guide, it will not become sloppy. Also, by tucking in the front, the collar will be fixed, so take advantage of it.

        It is recommended to take advantage of the loose collar that allows you to see more of the nape of your neck than you normally wear, and to use it in an updo style or to incorporate a scarf around your neck.
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        Please try expanding the range of combinations of hand-held shirts using the reference I introduced.
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