This summer's popular swimwear special feature: A summary of "fashionable swimwear" that blows away the heat

  The most exciting season of the year, the swimsuit season is coming! It goes without saying that the design is cute, but it's just as important to have a swimsuit that makes your body look beautiful. I want to show it on a well-balanced BODY, I want to look thin, but I want to hide what I want to hide. It is also very important to face your own body line and study what kind of shape suits you! Let's find a swimsuit that you can be proud of yourself.

 This time, Liwisi has carefully selected only cute swimwear that is perfect for women. Let's check the snaps for reference!

Voice /01
#High waist essential for style beauty!

The high-waisted bikini is becoming a staple.
leg length effect and
Curious Covering my stomach
The design is so you can challenge with confidence.
Knitwear and other materials that don't look like swimsuits are fresh!
It sure looks stylish !
Stand out in style with the new texture♡
Retro check knitted tank bikini/swimwear 2 piece set 3 colors included



Introducing a bikini full of designs that you want.
High-waisted bottoms with removable ribbons are effective for improving your style.
Gives a classic impression. A feminine silhouette is an attractive item.

Two-color design bow-tie bikini/swimwear 2-piece set/selectable waist type 2-color included



Introducing a bikini featuring a striped top!

A healthy design with elegant stripes and a marine taste!

High-waisted bottoms create a retro feel.

Striped bikini/swimwear 2 piece set 2 colors included



that looks cute and mature
Even with a simple design, the exquisite dull color makes it look stylish.
Backless point sleeve bikini/swimsuit 2 piece set 2 colors included


Adult black is also frilled and sweetened! ♡

The basic design is nice, but

The frilled type will give you a sweet and elegant look this season!

Cross flare bikini/swimwear 2 piece set 2 colors included



Voice /01  
#Low exposure and healthy finish

The open back design gives off a feminine atmosphere,

You can enjoy the gap from the casual look from the front.

Houndstooth ribbon monokini


Ballerina neck three ribbon monokini



Voice /01  
# Protect your whitening beauty even in summer!

Long-sleeved swimsuits are rarely seen in Japan.

The color and design make it look so stylish.

I don't want to tan, but

I really want to enjoy the outdoors in summer.

For such people,

Perfect design!

Long sleeve cross design rib knit monokini



For those who want to wear a swimsuit but don't want to get burnt

for watermark design,

Keep your femininity.


Belt flare monokini + sheer flower haori/swimsuit 2-piece set


Voice /01
#Ribbon tiesThe swimsuit is also retro and girly♡

The design of the back style is noteworthy! 

Covers your waist and waist

The perfect length

No matter where you look at it, it looks stylish

Highly recommended♡

Two-color switching point sleeve monokini 4 colors included



Voice /01
#Earth color high waist bottom bikini is here!


If you adopt an asymmetric design,

It will give you an even more trend-like impression.

Two-color switching high waist ribbon monokini



Voice /01
#White is great even with a simple design

A white bikini that looks great against your pale skin would be a great addition ♡

This would be popular on the beach~~

Piping design flare sleeve monokini 2 colors included



Voice /01
#Simple design that complements a healthy body
Bold cut with a deep chest for a more fashionable look.
Retro striped monokini



Voice /01
# Looks great on the water! Fashionable design simple adult bustier

The ruffles on the chest and the high-waisted details are so cute!

Very cute with adult frills!

Earth color sure to monopolize the line of sight

Two-color design flared bikini/swimwear 3-piece set with two colors


Voice /01

#White lace materialswimsuit has appeared!


The use of lace material is also cute.

Eye-catching lace dress type

It is sure to stand out with its uniqueness!

Girly whiteLaceSwimwear with nuances

The lace material makes it even more girly.

Lace ribbon flare monokini



Voice /02
#Swimwear only... can't be worn! Together with beige summer accessories


Cut the summer sun

A stylish hat is a girl's best friend♡

Selfies are sure to be gorgeous.

Retro beach hat


Resort style wide-brimmed straw hat


Back ribbon paper hat in 2 colors



The material is perfect for the summer atmosphere,

Perfect for going out.
Set yourself apart with a season-like design that will liven up your summer mood.

Hand ribbon basket bag in 6 colors


Different material combination of rattan and leather creates a mature atmosphere

Holds both a tight and rough finish,

The styling will give you a loose feeling

Leather belt basket bag 2 colors included

Beige fabric design with a natural impression.

A color that goes well with both neat and casual looks.

Put the entire

together in one beige tone,

For a classy image.

One-handle basket bag 2 colors included

The design is convenient for neat scenes.

Either on or off

We propose a bag that will help you become an adult who can play a leading role.

Basket bubble bag 2 colors included


Just by incorporating this season's trends from accessories,

You can produce a sense of familiarity.

The latest sunglasses to add to your outfit.

The translucency and colors are summery and cute!

Casual Boston sunglasses 6 colors included


Thin strap is actually easy to wear,

There are many repeaters with different colors.


Simple leather thong sandals in 2 colors


This season's hot trend item

Gurkha Sandals

Casual yet elegantly made

It will make your feet look cool in the summer with just the right amount of skin.

Gurkha sandals in 3 colors


The clear band and clear heel create a seasonal finish.

This pair is recommended for both neat and casual wear.

Clear vinyl heeled sandals in 2 colors

With its trendy form and sophisticated design,
these thong sandals are a must-have for this year's styling.
Easy fit, easy to walk and comfortable ◎

Square toe thong sandals 2 colors included

Shoes with a gathered design.

It's a mature design that's both cute and elegant.

Cylindrical heels give you a trendy silhouette from the side ◎

Suede gathered sandals 4 colors included


Accessories that make you look cute even without makeup.

Get excited with summer motif accessories!

Even if you wrap it around your head,

You can put it on your bag◎

Multicolored striped pleated scarf 4 colors included



Multi check pattern square scarf 5 colors included




Incorporating trends in swimwear this summer, enjoy being stylish at the beach or at the pool♡

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