A stylish outerwear recommended for seasonal seasons 18 shots in a row

Are you wondering what kind of outerwear is right for you when the seasons change?

There are a lot of outerwear this year, such as asymmetric design and quilting. This time, Liwisi will introduce items that we recommend for the season.

If you like it, check it out as soon as possible before it runs out of stock.

Comfortable poncho style design

The poncho style that gives you a mature silhouette just by wearing it

The perfect item to elevate your style.


Relaxing design with a unique poncho mood
Finishes with mature and cute styling.

Goes well with narrow skirts and slim pants ♡

Plaid dolman cape coat



Together with the black color scheme and three-dimensional effect
It feels cooler than the usual cape design

Of course, it goes well with the dress

Two-piece set belted cape jacket + striped slender tank dress with lining


Focus on quilting✬

Basic type that is essential for adult casual style

Can be worn in any situation, and is lighter and has excellent heat retention


Over warm quilting,
The piping design has a more elegant contrast

The hem is ribbed to improve functionality

Collarless piping quilted jacket in 2 colors




Hooded design and just the right length,

This is a stylish piece that makes a difference

Hooded piping design quilt coat with lining


The switching design is fresh

Bold switching
Using different colors, matching patterns,

Eye-catching impact


Using a simple asymmetric color
It is a clean design with no decorations.
With a front zipper

You can enjoy the loose atmosphere when you wear it.

High neck multicolor switching front zipper blouson



With a silhouette that matches the loose size of the trend,
Sporty atmosphere
The unevenness of the embossing gives it a more three-dimensional feel,

For a voluminous yet sharp look!

Multicolor switching embossed alphabet jacket



In addition to embossing,
There is a cute rhombus pattern coordination

Baseball color rhombus sukajan with 2 colors



Neatly worn♡ Collarless outerwear

The neck and clavicle lines are beautifully displayed

The na-collar jacket has a simple design and is easy to incorporate into casual items such as denim, making it a great match.



Exquisite colors are available,
Plain design gives more elegance.

You can also enjoy pairing it with items such as dresses and skirts.

Chanel-style collarless knit jacket in 2 colors



Impressive bicolor piping adds depth to the outfit

A warm and calm atmosphere and a luxurious soft texture

Melton collarless piping coat 2 colors included



The houndstooth design is also one of the basic styles
I want you to change the color according to the season and mood

Here, I recommended warm colors♪

Chanel-style houndstooth tweed jacket with lining



Cold system, but

Can be rotated at any time with warm colors

Collarless houndstooth piping jacket with lining



Elegance is the point
Add a fringe on top of it

A very special jacket with tweed

Chanel-style collarless fringe hem tweed jacket with lining




Slightly vivid colors, just looking at it makes me look younger

Chanel-style collarless tweed jacket with lining



Chanel style natural green

mixed with

Chanel-style collarless tweed jacket with lining


Casual style Daily style outerwear

A type that is easy to produce a casual and mature feeling

More relaxed atmosphere from everyday items


Unlike normal trench coat length,
By shortening it, you can show off your casual outfit in a well-balanced way
By making the front body a double button,

It's easy to fall in love with the trendy classic taste

casual trench jack



The checkered pattern with different colors attracts people
Length that covers the hips, perfect for body coverage

Finished with styling that has just the right amount of looseness and an elegant impression.

Notched lapel tweed check double coat with lining




Long and classic trench
Single cufflinks with a slightly different color

Feeling sophistication and giving a feminine impression

Notched lapel bicolor single cuff trench coat with lining



Large collar and voluminous silhouette
belt removed
show the charm of the body line

It gives a more feminine and elegant impression

Belted gathered trench coat 2 colors included





Thank you for reading to the end.

How about it? You can enjoy a wide range of styles from feminine to casual outfits ^^

The coming winter will be even colder!

I would be happy if you liked the items recommended for the season.

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